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Relax & Unwind

Relax & Unwind

This is one of two pieces I created for Strutten’s Square One exhibition. I drew the type by hand, scanned it, redrew it in Illustrator and then made it from pin and string. Hundreds and hundreds of metres of string!

tactile typography

tactile typography

tactile typography

tactile typography

tactile typography

tactile typography


  1. How very very wicked! Awesome!!!

  2. Incredible stuff! I wish I had your patience.

  3. Gorgeous!! Looks extremely time-consuming.

  4. Hi Dominique, omg this is amazing, as is all your work!
    I can’t wait to hear you speak at the 7 x 7 on Fri night! Good Luck xo

  5. María

    This is awesome! I’ve been obsessed with strings, lately. I’ve made something similar in university but not so cool as yours!

  6. No, no, no! This is incredibly awesome!!! I like it very very much! You are a genius, let me say it!

  7. This inspired me so much…that I created my own piece! It was so fun hammering all the nails and even more fun to do the string. Check out my video :)

  8. You are very inspiring!

  9. I just linked this on my blog (I hope that’s ok). It’s an absolutely beautiful finished product, made better by knowing how much hard work went into creating it!

    I bet it looks even more lovely in real life!

    link to the blog post is:

  10. Leah

    Stunning art and typography!

  11. Claudia

    What program do you use for your lettering?

  12. WoW Awesome little clip of your work ~ very clever and creative ~ And the music made me move!

  13. Eliza

    I’m using your work for my GCSEE artist research, and am trying o recreate the ‘relax’ part of this piece on foam board, using pins and thread. I can truly appreciate how difficult this is! so challenging to re-create such beautiful work. I love it

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