I originally created this piece for the 2012 Surfers Paradise Festival as a large-scale piece of cardboard typography, but the wind and poor hanging conditions meant the giant cardboard piece never really got a chance to shine, so when Impressworks asked for a piece to help launch their new letterpress facility, I thought I’d give the design another try.

I separated the vector into two plates, one turquoise, one silver and set it up as an A5 postcard in Illustrator, then Elise from Impressworks, made polymer plates from the artwork (yellow in the photographs) and put it on the machine. They printed the silver plate during the day and then ran the blue plate in the evening as part of the launch demonstration.

It was great to see everyone so entranced by letterpress on the night and really fun to see it on the press. Thanks so much to Duncan and Elise for running my job and letting me take photos.

Client: Impressworks

Size: 30cm x 20cm

Materials: Letterpress Print

Photography: Alejandra Ramirez Vidal


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