Tactile Alphabet

This is a series of 26 pieces, where each letter of the alphabet is illustrated using a technique that starts with that letter. The full list is as follows:

    • A is for Applique
    • B is for Beading
    • C is for Cut Paper
    • D is for Darning
    • E is for Embossing
    • F is for Folding
    • G is for Guilding
    • H is for Hole Punch
    • I is for Iris Folding
    • J is for Jewels
    • K is for Kraft
    • L is for Lace Paper
    • M is for Mosaic
    • N is for Nail Polish Marbelling
    • O is for Origami
    • P is for Piercing
    • Q is for Quilting
    • R is for Ruching
    • S is for Splatter Paint
    • T is for Tole
    • U is for Under/Over
    • V is for Vinyl
    • W is for Weaving
    • X if for X-stitch
    • Y is for Yarn
    • Z is for Zigzag

Client: Stereotype

Size: 28cm x 28cm each

Materials: Assorted Techniques

Photography: Alejandra Ramirez Vidal

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