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— Kelly Somers —

Dominique is the master of simplifying actionable steps that actually move the needle in my business. She shares so many invaluable hints tips and tricks for creative entrepreneurs ... a must-read newsletter!

— Aurelie Maron —

Dominique has been my mentor for years now, and I swear by her advice. Even though it pushes me out of my comfort zone most of the time, it’s also the reason that I’m where I’m at today. Her wisdom is priceless!

— Tara Leslie —

Dominique’s advice is the perfect combination of strategy + inspiration. She focuses on the strategy many creatives lack to create thriving businesses and inspires you to use that strategy yourself!

Dominique’s advice has fundamentally changed how I view my creative business and has me well on the way to building a passive income.

Join 1500+ creatives reading Dominique's newsletter.

— Lorette Broekstra —

I have learned more about creative business than I could have imagined from Dominique. Not only does she have an incredible wealth of knowledge, but the skill to relay it in an easily comprehensible manner.

— Liz Christiansen —

Working with Dominique gave me clarity, changed my thinking and gave me the push out of my comfort zone I needed to take focused action towards my goals and vision for my life and business.

Her wisdom and no BS approach are motivating and about working smarter, not harder, with astonishingly efficient systems and methods.

Dominique is insightful and supportive, and her genuine desire to see her students wildly succeed and reach their potential is a truly moving and inspiring experience. It has been an incredible privilege to work with Dominique.

— Skye Smith —

I previously struggled to execute all the ideas in my head. I felt overwhelmed and had little to show for it.

With Dominique's help, I have produced more work in a few weeks than in a few years because my analysis paralysis is gone, and I am clear on where to focus.