Creative Spark Podcast

Creative Spark Podcast

Hosted by: Dominique Falla

Are you an overworked creative who wants to figure out how to reclaim more space, time, and energy to get your most important work done? Are you like most creatives who suffer from shiny object syndrome and wish...


45. Why you need Multiple Target Audiences

Season #3

EPISODE 45: In this episode of the Creative Spark podcast, I take a look at customer personas and why I think you need more than one. If fact, if you're planning to launch a digital course, I think you probably need...
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44. From Designer to Designer Boss with Emma Kate

Season #3

Welcome back to season 3 EPISODE 44: In this episode of the Creative Spark podcast, I interview designer Emma Kate about her transition from web designer to web design coach and how she founded the Design Boss Summit...
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43. The Essential Difference Between Core, Pillar, and Micro Content

Season #2 Episode #43

EPISODE 43: In this episode of the Creative Spark podcast, we look at the difference between core, pillar, and micro-content and how they should work together in your content strategy. Download your free content...
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42. Package your Creative Skills into a Signature Method

Season #2 Episode #42

EPISODE 42: In this episode of the Creative Spark podcast, we take a closer look at why Creatives need to package what they know into a signature method. This is the first step in my new course, the Creative Funnel...
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41. The Steps to Building Your First Funnel

Season #2 Episode #41

EPISODE 41: In this episode of the Creative Spark podcast, we take a closer look at the steps inside my new course, the Creative Funnel Formula and see how easy it is to build and launch your first funnel. Enrol in...
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40. Non-sleazy Sales Funnels

Season #2 Episode #40

EPISODE 40: In this step-by-step episode of the Creative Spark podcast, we look at ways creative business owners can build and launch a non-sleazy sales funnel.  Download your free Funnel Launch Checklist here and...
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39. How to create your own niche

Season #2 Episode #39

EPISODE 39: In this step-by-step episode of the Creative Spark podcast, we take a look at how you can stop trying to conform to an existing niche and create your own niche instead. Download your free Perfect Niche...
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38. Why you need a Content Strategy

Season #2 Episode #38

EPISODE 38: In this episode of the Creative Spark podcast, we explore why a goal-driven content strategy is essential for every content creator. Without one, it’s too easy to miss a week or go off-topic. Your...
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37. Why graphic designers should become creative entrepreneurs

Season #2 Episode #37

EPISODE 37: In this episode of the Creative Spark podcast, we explore nine different ways graphic designers can become Creative Entrepreneurs and add multiple new revenue streams.  
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How to Fill Your Topic Buckets

Season #1 Episode #36

Topic buckets are groups of things you like to post about, create work about, blog or podcast about. They can be completely unrelated at first. You can create your own unique niche by combining them in creative ways....
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How to Choose Your Perfect Niche

Season #1 Episode #35

What if you could discover the perfect niche for your business, book, or blog? If you could just be known for the stuff you love doing, you can stop going round in circles trying to figure it out. In today's podcast I...
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How to Steal Your Time Back

Season #1 Episode #34

No matter who you talk to, not having enough time is always listed as one of the top three reasons why something cannot be done. Allowing time to block your creativity is easy to justify, but it usually masks other...
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